About Us


About centuries have passed from knocker, knapsack and  Jug era, and world is seeking for new definition of Regularity, Beauty & Skill.

So, we travel  through cities, villages, Mountains and troops , seeking for beauties of life in the Meadow.

In the history and its records, in the old inscriptions, carvings and Moarraq tiles and turquoise  ,in the jar and ceramic , manifesting the bejeweled pearl of Iranian Women, whom  delicacy returns back to the past .

Wanting to be with her, in House, meeting regularity ,beauty & efficiency.

She is interested in art and beauty , hot tea in the old tea cups and Qajar Pictured saucer. She is neat and pure in creation of enjoyable moments . and as she is making the food  in the kitchen with spices, beans ,cardamom and rose water , as Orchestera conductor , leading us to the purity of our daily bread. She clean the dishes as an skillful  harp player, play & looking for music of life, So to respect her , decided to accompany her , to sing and to thought with her , borrowing new design from  un succeeded  ancestors.

BAHAZKALA, is housemate , one who make the house in the powerful hands of Iranian women , full of tenderness & memories, the regularity , beauty , efficiency  is the result of her playing and singing .

 BAHAZ,thinking about the Iranian women , and is her best friend and companion ship.

During the making the BAHAZ Family " enjoying  the best" is the wishes of  the bahaz Directors.

Not only the color and design were important to them , but also  the factors such as Hygienity ,efficiency , compliance with modern life and consideration of  life method of Iranian women have been considered

Enjoying all national and international standards such as TUV has been the priority of  managers . BAHAZ is interested to be  in your house, So, various types of products , responding all needs, small to great wishes of Iranian Women.

Now a days , BAHAZ KALA is  superior in design, color ,variety and beauty , again returning the art of Iranian housewife  to the house.