In The Name Of God


BAHAZKALA CO. , AS the first producer of various kitchen and home appliances , introduce its products with the aim of observing the principles ,such as international standards , the variety of products , safety and heiginity of work & living environment .


In this line ,through simultaneous providence of international standards of quality management (Iso 9001:2008),safety management and job Hygyienity (OHSAS ISO 18001: 2007),Environment management (Iso14001: 2004) and customer satisfaction(Iso 10002:2004) in the frame work of integrated management System(IMS),declare its major policy as below :

Product production in accordance with defined standards and on time delivery to the customer.

Planning to increase customer satisfaction ,through establishment of optimal ,continuous ,influential relation with them .

Reduction in harmful effects to the environment in direction to preserve environment through the view of stable development.

Development and promotion of skill and specialty level of the employee ,through enjoying the training courses. Providing continuous improvement as a culture in all processes and activities by defining optimal projects.

Technology arrangement and development , the suitable hardwares and softwares for production.

Daily increase and development in the shares of local and foreign markets through introduction of company and products in the internal and foreign networks.

Providing the safe working environment and improvement in their hygienity.

Process recovery to reach to zero defects (ZERO DEFECTS )

Increase in product production through various designs and colors (as customers interests, with quality preservation ,definitely  to fulfill this decision, requires the cooperation, intellectual collaboration of all peoples through  out all institution levels, therefore all of the employees must fulfill all assigned jobs in accordance with relevant job description.

This policy would be reviewed if cooperation and partnership of all colleagues , to be necessity and Managing director is the main responsible person for good fulfillment of the policy provision and believe that he can amalgamate the fulfill ment of the company activity with national Honor , great interest to work and wishes  to promote the great goals.

The Name and brand of BAHAZKALA MUST BE A GUARANTEE TO THE quality