Silver Scale 

Part Number: 172931
  •  Technical Specification
  •  Product Code:         172931
  •  Weight :                  0.9 kg
  •  Height :                   300mm
  •  Diameter :               228 mm
  •  Longitude :              185 mm
  •   PCS in Cartons:      12 no 

  • Use this small professional kitchen scale instead of guessing to weigh a variety of foods in the kitchen. This scale will measure up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms. Measurements are printed in gram (black).The scale features a large analog dial that is easy to read.
    Product Information
    • Removable bowl.
    • The dial is divided in to 25 grams increments.
    • Bowl stays firmly in place with upturned round shape brace.
    • The dial is protected by a scratch-resistant, crystal clear lens.
    • Various types of desired colors.
    • Durable - made of corrosion resistant material.
    • Made of stainless steel- fingerprint proof body, for steel collection.
    • 10 year guarantee.

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