Steel-black Spaghetti Canister - Metal Lid  

Part Number: 161270
  •  Technical Specification
  •  Product Code:          161270
  •  WeIght :                   0.3 kg
  •  Height :                    24  cm
  •  Diameter :                11.0 cm
  •  Capacity:                  1.7 Litres
    Store whatever you want in our 1.7 litre round canister. This tall model can be used for spaghetti, ingredients or biscuits. The flavor-seal 'click' lid keeps the contents fresh for longer.
    Product Information
    • Easy to clean.
    • Fitted with flavor-seal 'click' lid-keeps ingredients fresh for long time.
    • Protective coated base.
    • Durable - made of corrosion resistant material.
    • Various types of desired colors.
    • Made of stainless steel- fingerprint proof, for steel collection.
    • 10 year guarantee.
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