White-Gold Steel Slim Pedal Bin Silent, 14 Liter, with double Lines  

Technical specification

Height :                     41 cm
Diameter :                 27 cm
Weight :                    3 kg
Capacity:                  14 litres

Our unique design 14 liter pedal bin, with soft closing mechanism, works without any extra noise .This product is ideal for your house, office, public place and anywhere else .It’s different frame shape makes it exclusive and elegant .It's large enough for your waste, but still small enough to fit under your worktop.

Product information
  • Drum-shaped design, stylish and impressive.
  • Designed with double PVC line circled around the frame.
  • Light pedal operation.
  • The lid remains open when you push the pedal.
  • Removable plastic inner bucket.
  • Sturdy carrying handle - easy to move the bin
  • Non-skid base - pedal bin stands stable, even on wet or polished floor.
  • Robust pedal mechanism and high quality materials.
  • Plastic floor ring to prevent damage to the floor and plastic sucker for perfect stop.
  • Various types of desired colors.
  • Made of stainless steel, for steel collection.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • 10 year guarantee.
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