White-Black Pedal Bin - 6 Liters (Metal Lid) 

Part Number: 166615
  •  Technical specification
  •  Product Code:             166615
  •  Height :                     31 cm
  •  Diameter :                 21 cm
  •  Weight :                    2.5 kg
  •  Capacity:                  6 litres

  • Our round 6 liter pedal bin is an ideal model, useful in the kitchen, offices and elsewhere.
    The compact design of this product made it so suitable for small spaces like under a desk or other similar places.
    Product information
    • Light pedal operation.
    • The lid remains open when you push the pedal.
    • Removable plastic inner bucket.
    • Space-efficient design - suitable for small spaces, under a desk or in a bathroom
    • Sturdy metal carrying handle - easy to move the bin.
    • Robust pedal mechanism and high quality materials.
    • Plastic floor ring to prevent damage to the floor.
    • Various types of desired colors.
    • Made of stainless steel- fingerprint proof, for steel collection.
    • Corrosion resistant.
    • 10 year guarantee.
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